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Training Curriculum: Fair Housing Accessibility Requirements and Upcoming Trainings

Training Description

This Fair Housing Accessibility First training curriculum focuses on the Fair Housing Act’s Accessibility Requirements and announcing training curriculums being offered in 2023.

Topics Covered:

  • Identify the coverage of the Fair Housing Act’s disability rights protections.
  • Identify the technical requirements of the Fair Housing Act and the specifications for each requirement.
  • Identify the safe harbors used for compliance.
  • Identify the consequences of non-compliance and the reasons for complying with the Fair Housing Act’s accessibility requirements.
  • Identify suggestions for achieving compliance with the Fair Housing Act, why compliance is important, and available resources for compliance.
  • Identify opportunities for continued FHA First Accessibility Training.

Training Materials

Training Workbook
Download the workbook for this training curriculum to follow along with the training videos or study offline. All information and diagrams contained in the training video are also available in the workbook.

PDF available for downloadThe FHA Requirements Overview and Upcoming Training Workbook (PDF, 2.8M)

Test Your Knowledge
Once you have completed the training, you can take the test for this training. The test consists of 10 questions, and an 80% score is required to pass. Upon passing the test, a certificate of passing will be emailed to you within 15 minutes.

Take the TestTake the Test for Fair Housing Accessibility Requirements and Upcoming Trainings

Training Video

This training was originally delivered via webinar on February 14, 2023. You can watch the full webinar below.