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Fair Housing
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Modules & Webinars

The Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST instruction curriculum was developed by a team of architects and other Fair Housing Act accessibility experts to provide critical information on various Fair Housing Act accessibility related subject matters.  

There are 11 modules & 4 webinars in the instruction curriculum.  These may be presented individually or in any combination. Click on the module/webinar below for a detailed description.


Module Description
1 & 2: Fair Housing Act Accessibility Requirements Overview
(3 or 1 hour options)
3: Disability Rights Laws
4: Fair Housing Act Enforcement
5: Strategies for Compliant Kitchens
6: Strategies for Compliant Bathrooms
7: Accessible Routes
8: Accessible Public and Common-Use Areas
9: Common Design and Construction Violations and Solutions
10: Design and Construction Requirements of the Fair Housing Act: Technical Overview
11: Making Housing Accessible Through Accommodations and Modifications



Webinar Description
1: Strategies for Accessible Routes & Site Work
2: Accessible Public & Common Use Areas
3: Dwelling Unit Requirements
4: Common Design & Construction Violations & Solutions


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