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Office Of Fair Housing And Equal Opportunity
2015 National Policy And Training Conference
A Call To Advance Housing Rights And Opportunities
Conference Materials



PowerPoints in PDF format

  1. Ramirez Lourdes-Castro         Strategies to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing
  2. Harriet Tregoning        Sustainable Communities Initiative
  3. Maria Krysan              No Title – Just 2 slides
  4. Demetria McCain        Highlights to Helping Housing Choice Voucher Holders
  5. Megan Hyla                King County Housing Authority
  6. John Hennenberger     Challenges to Segregation
  7. Richard Rothstein       The Problem We All Live With: Residential Segregation (Title)
  8. John Relman               Discriminatory Policing and Fair Housing
  9. Lisa Rice -                   Impact of Credit Scoring on Underserved Markets 
  10. Diane Yental               Balancing Housing Strategies to Create Opportunity