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Climate Change Adaptation Plan

In accordance with Executive Orders 13514 and 13653, HUD released a Climate Change Adaptation Plan on October 31, 2014. The plan outlines a set of 35 actions designed to address some of the risk posed by climate change to the Department's mission, programs, and operations. To date, the Department has completed over half of these actions.

List of actions in HUD's Climate Change Adaptation Plan:

Update Program Policies and Regulations

  • Update Targeted Lending Initiative Policy
  • Evaluate Feasibility of Securitizing Title 1 Property Improvement Loans in Ginnie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Conduct Outreach with Mortgage Insurance and Guaranty Agencies to Facilitate Coordination of Consistent Disaster Assistance Policies and Update Ginnie Mae's Disaster Assistance Policy
  • Update Part 55 Floodplain Regulation to Require Higher Flood Elevation
  • Update Environmental Assessment Factors for 24 CFR Part 50 and Part 58 Reviews
  • Review Existing Programs for Barriers to Investments in Resilience and Sustainability
  • Update Building Standards to Incorporate Sustainability and Resilience Measures
  • Review and Improve PHA Insurance Policy Rules
  • Update Utility Expense Level, Utility Allowance, and Utility Surcharge Formulas
  • Update Section 203(k) Policies and Promote Program Use for Hazard Mitigation
  • Encourage Consolidated Plans to Incorporate Planning for Climate-Related Risk

Develop Tool Kits and Training Materials

  • Develop Toolkits and Training Materials for HUD Grantees
  • Expand CPD Maps to Include Data on Future Climate-Related Hazards
  • Launch the HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS)
  • Ensure Public Housing Resident Inclusion in a Quality and Resilient Emergency Notification System
  • Use Disaster Area Response Teams in Indian County to Prepare for and Respond to Disasters
  • Develop Guidance on Physical Hazards for Disaster Response/Recovery Activities
  • Provide Training for Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grantees on Adapting to Extreme Weather Events
  • Brief State and Local Government on HUD Recovery Activities Pre-Disaster

Prepare and Train HUD Staff

  • Improve Operational Readiness of HUD Field Staff
  • Review and Test Disaster Response and COOP Plans Under Various Climate Scenarios
  • Work with GSA to Increase Resilience of HUD Field Offices
  • Train Front-Line Employees on Disaster Response Assistance Resources and Protocols
  • Factor Future Projections of Risk into Field Office Staffing Decisions
  • Inventory SME of HUD Staff to Facilitate Effective Disaster Deployments
  • Update and Consolidate in a Single Location Disaster Response and Recovery SOP and Tools

Conduct Research on Climate-Related Risk

  • Identify Vulnerable Physical Assets and Assess Impacts
  • Draft Research Report on Accessibility and Resilient Building Measures
  • Survey Residents in HUD-Assisted Properties

Other Actions

  • Draft Equitable and Responsible Principles for Potential Climate-Related Relocation
  • Improve Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Use in Residential Buildings