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National Disaster Resilience Competition

This site provides a summary of projects and activities proposed by finalists in the National Disaster Resilience Competition, including executive summaries and a combined summary of proposed projects. For additional information on the National Disaster Resilience Competition, including the Notice of Funding Availability, please click here.


Launched in 2014, the National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC) was a two-phased process that ultimately awarded nearly $1 billion in HUD Disaster Recovery funds to 13 states and communities across the country. HUD designed the competition as an iterative process, with significant capacity building assistance provided to develop an overarching resilience framework, so that all applicants would benefit from competing. As a result, finalists developed numerous integrated proposals that relied on sound science and extensive community engagement. These proposals have the potential to help communities respond to climate change, save public resources, revitalize and modernize infrastructure, and improve access to opportunity for vulnerable populations.

Due to the limited pool of NDRC funding, many of these innovative approaches did not receive the resources they need to proceed. HUD received proposals for projects and activities valued at more than $7 billion -- many of which incorporated significant leverage, and extensive partner engagement.

Projects proposed include stormwater and water quality projects, low-income housing renovation and relocation, energy resilience, watershed restoration, bridge repair and replacement, and many other resilient infrastructure activities.

HUD recognizes the substantial effort, thought, and resources that went into developing these strategies and designing specific projects, and continues to work with NDRC finalists to help their projects proceed. The following NDRC finalists have authorized HUD to make their project proposals available to the public:

Summary of NDRC Winners

Summary of Phase 2 Finalists' Proposals

Phase 2 Finalist Executive Summaries