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High Performance Buildings

The Office of Economic Development (OED) coordinates and supports energy-efficiency and green building goals and initiatives for the Department. OED works with HUD program offices and other federal agencies to lower HUD's annual estimated $6.4 billion in utility expenditures for public and multifamily assisted housing.

OED's High Performance Buildings activities include:

The Federal Renewable Energy Target aims to have 300MW of renewable energy in federally-assisted affordable housing by 2020. HUD's target is triple the amount of the original target.
Multifamily Better Buildings Challenge
HUD is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy to increase the efficiency of multifamily rental housing by 20 percent across a partner's entire portfolio through the Better Buildings Challenge.
Agency Priority Goal 4 - Energy Efficient, Healthy Homess
As program lead for this goal, OED assists HUD's program offices in implementing and monitoring HUD's energy-related Agency Priority Goal under the Department's Strategic Plan. This goal is tracked through HUDStat, the Secretary's quarterly initiative to drive improved performance on HUD priority goals.
Utilities, Benchmarking, and Data Access
HUD is working with utilities nationally to make it easier for housing providers to request and receive individual data on energy consumption and costs to help HUD, housing providers, and residents manage costs, identify energy efficiency improvements, and track portfolio performance.

HUD Resources:

Energy Efficiency Framework for Rental Housing
HUD is working with the White House Domestic Policy Council, USDA, and other agencies to serve low-income households and save taxpayers money by better aligning energy efficiency policies across Federal affordable rental housing programs.

HUD Strategic Plan
HUD's 2014-18 Strategic Plan provides the direction and focus of HUD's efforts to support energy efficiency and green building. Strategic Goal 4, Build Strong, Resilient, and Inclusive Communities, includes a strong commitment to green and healthy homes.

Agency Priority Goal 4 - Energy Efficient, Healthy Homes
One of HUD's three Agency Priority Goals is: To increase the energy efficiency and health of the nation's housing stock. HUD's two-year APG is currently set at 160,000 energy efficient, healthy or new green HUD-assisted, insured, or financed units.


Reports to Congress

HUD submits Reports to Congress pursuant to the requirements of the Energy Security and Independence Act of 2007. They provide updates on progress HUD is making towards its energy and green building goals, as well as when available updates on HUD's energy expenditures.

Outside Resources

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