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Labor Standards and Enforcement Letters

Labor Standards and Enforcement Letters provide policy advice and guidance for HUD Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards program staff and HUD program participants. These Letters explore issues in depth, and explain new programs and changes to programs and procedures. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or comments about Labor Standards and Enforcement Letters.

Number Date Subject
LR-23-03 09/15/23 Local Contracting Agency Submission Requirements for Section 5.7 Semi Annual Enforcement Reports
LR-23-02 03/09/23 Local Contracting Agency (LCA) application of DOL AAM 241 "Division of Davis-Bacon Enforcement Authority Between Multiple Federal Agencies Providing Davis-Bacon Related Act Assistance to the Same Project(s)"
LR-23-01 01/12/23 Submission Requirements for Section 5.7 Labor Standards Enforcement Reports (Davis-Bacon and Related Acts)
LR-22-02 07/01/22 HUD guidance on determining Davis-Bacon applicability to early construction and covered demolition work.
LR-22-01 04/04/22 Use of Standard Form 1444 for DOL Wage Determination Conformance Requests
LR-21-03 08/09/21 HUD Guidance on Transitional Housing and DBRA Applicability
LR-21-02 06/15/21 Issuance of Prevailing Maintenance Wage Rates Determined or Adopted by HUD
LR-21-01 01/15/21 Application of Department of Labor guidance concerning “projects of a similar character”
LR-18-02 10/15/18 Maintenance Wage Rate Determinations (MWD)
LR-18-01 10/15/18 Sick Leave
LR-09-01 08/12/09 Davis-Bacon applicability to demolition work
LR-06-03 11/15/06 Incorporation of Federal labor standards provisions and prevailing wage decisions into bid specifications and contracts
LR-06-02 11/15/06 Custody, security and disposal of Federal labor standards compliance documents and investigative records
LR-06-01 06/05/06 Housing Finance Agency Risk-Sharing Program and Projects
LR-04-02 09/08/04 Inapplicability of certain Federal labor standards provisions to Public Housing Agencies, Indian Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities, Indian Housing Authorities and the Department of Hawaiian Homelands
LR-04-01 10/26/06 Administration and enforcement of prevailing wage rates determined or adopted by HUD (Rev 1)
LR-96-02 08/21/96 Application of Federal labor standards to HOME projects
LR-96-01 12/02/96 Labor standards compliance requirements for self-employed laborers and mechanics (aka Working Subcontractors) (Rev 1)
LR-95-01 10/02/95 Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act (CWHSSA) Coverage threshold for overtime and health and safety provisions
LR-93-01 01/15/93 Determination of prevailing wage rates for construction work financed or eligible for financing under the Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program (CIAP) or Comprehensive Grant Program (CGP)
LR-92-03 10/05/92 "Step-Up" Program - Questions and Answers (Issue #1)
LR-92-02 07/10/92 Submission requirements for §5.7 Labor Standards Enforcement Reports (Davis-Bacon and Related Acts)
LR-92-01 07/10/92 Applicability of Federal wage rate requirements to prison inmates engaged in HUD-assisted maintenance or construction work