About the Office of Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards

DBLS: Who we are and what we do

Many HUD programs include provisions for compliance with Federal labor provisions, including the payment of Federal prevailing wage rates on covered projects. The Office of Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards (DBLS) is responsible for oversight and enforcement in most of these areas.

HUD Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards staff ensure that construction laborers and mechanics working on coverded projects are paid no less than the Federal prevailing wage rate for the type of work they perform. There are similar requirements for laborers and mechanics performing maintenance work for public and Indian housing agencies. In addition to these responsibilities, DBLS staff work to support employment and apprenticeship initiatives.

We work with contractors, housing and community development industry groups, State, local and tribal agencies, and organized labor groups. Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards staff undertake investigations into suspected violations of Federal labor standards provisions.

Finally, a major function of Davis-Bacon and Labor Standards staff is to provide technical support to State, local and tribal agencies administering HUD programs. Our field staff frequently hold training seminars about Federal labor standards in HUD programs. Here is a list of upcoming training seminars that we plan to offer.