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Contracting by HUD Grantees - Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance is available to HUD grantees

HUD grant recipients (e.g., Public Housing Agencies, Indian Housing Authorities, Community Development Block Grant recipients, etc.) frequently have questions and concerns about their contracting. While the rules they follow (24 CFR 85.36 for most state, local, and tribal governments, and 24 CFR 84.40-48 for most non-profits and educational institutions) differ from the rules which govern HUD’s direct contracting, HUD’s Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) has considerable expertise in their requirements.

Each of HUD's principal contracting offices have resident expertise available to assist HUD staff and grant recipients with questions and concerns related to procurement under grants. However, because contracting staff have no direct authority for grant funding and administration decisions, grant recipients should first contact program (PIH, CPD, etc.) staff with their procurement concerns and questions. If this doesn't provide an answer to the situation, grant recipients may contact contracting staff listed below. Normally, this assistance is provided via the telephone or email discussions and deals with specific procurement issues, e.g., conducting a competition, terminating a contract, etc. We strongly urge everyone to use email whenever possible. In unusual circumstances, and subject to resource availability, assistance may be larger in scope, e.g., on-site visits, training, detailed analysis of complex issues, etc.

In all cases, HUD contracting staff serve only in an advisory role. HUD contracting staff have neither direct authority for grant funding and administration decisions, nor responsibility for the award and administration of grants or the procurements made under them.

The HUD contracting staff listed below have been assigned responsibility for grantee procurement technical assistance based on their knowledge of the grant-specific procurement requirements. Therefore, HUD program staff and grant recipients should address their questions directly to them. Requests for more intensive technical assistance, including detailed review of contract documents, on-site reviews or training, should also be made via email to the staff listed below. Those requests will be referred to HUD contracting management for consideration and approval.

Grantee Technical Assistance Contacts:

  • Office of Public and Indian Housing - Responsible for policies and procedures for procurement by Public Housing Authorities.

    Monica C. Shepherd
    email: Monica.C.Shepherd@HUD.Gov
    Telephone: (202) 402-5687
  • Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) - Responsible for HUD's national procurement needs and policy matters.

Lawrence E. Chambers
email: Lawrence.E.Chambers@hud.gov
Telephone: (202) 402-6716

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