Youth Homelessness System Improvement (YHSI) grants 

On November 8, 2023, HUD announced a new source of funding dedicated to youth at-risk of and experiencing homelessness.  Youth Homelessness System Improvement (YHSI) grants will support selected communities in either improving an existing response system for youth homelessness or establishing and implementing a new youth homelessness response system.  The grants will focus on systemic change by funding projects that create and build capacity for Youth Action Boards; collect and use data on at-risk youth and youth experiencing homelessness; develop strong leaders within a community; and improve the coordination, communication, operation, and administration of homeless assistance projects to better serve youth, including prevention and diversion strategies.  Read more about the YHSI grants in HUD’s Press Release.

System change is generally bigger than a single organization; therefore, HUD is encouraging cooperative applications that cover large geographic areas, including state-wide coordination, cross- Continuum of Care (CoC) collaborations, and partnerships that are made up of one or more Tribal nations.  Note: this funding opportunity is not limited to CoC collaborative applicants.

YHSI grants cannot be used to provide housing or services to youth.  Instead, these grants are designed to make and improve connections, coordination, and information sharing within and between systems that serve at-risk youth, including education, child welfare, and juvenile justice. Funding through the YHSI grants is available in the following categories:

Funding Category Maximum Award
Planning and Partnerships $400,000
Data $300,000
Coordinated Entry $200,000
Racial and Gender Equity $200,000
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Content current as of February 9, 2024.