Glossary of CPD Terms - V

These are some terms that are specifically related to HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs or functions.

Value of the building
means the monetary value assigned to a building by an independent real estate appraiser, or as otherwise reasonably established by the grantee or the State recipient.

means a group of riders using a vehicle, with a seating capacity of not less than eight individuals and not more than fifteen individuals, for transportation to and from their residence or other designated locations and their place of employment, provided the vehicle is driven by one of the pool members.

Variable working schedule
means a flexible working schedule to facilitate activities such as carpools, vanpools, public transportation usage, and/or telecommuting.

VA Medical Center
Federally owned and operated hospital that provides healthcare to veterans.

Anyone who served or is currently serving in the military forces.

Very Low-Income
Households whose incomes do not exceed 50 percent of the median area income for the area, as determined by HUD, with adjust-ments for smaller and larger families and for areas with unusually high or low incomes or where needed because of facility, college, or other training facility; prevailing levels of construction costs; or fair market rents.

Veteran Service Organization Officers
Individuals recognized by veterans service organizations who are qualified to file claims for veterans to the Department of Veterans Affairs for benefits such as compensation, pension, and medical treatment.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Veterans and service members are eligible for vocational rehabilitation if certain conditions are met (check with the Department of Veterans Affairs or a Veteran Service Organization Officer). An eligible disabled veteran may receive employment assistance, self-employment assistance, training in a rehabilitation facility, college, or other training facility.

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