Glossary of CPD Terms - U

These are some terms that are specifically related to HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs or functions.

means an entire property or portion thereof, with or without improvements which is used only at irregular periods or intermittently by the accountable landholding agency for current program purposes of that agency, or which is used for current program purposes that can be satisfied with only a portion of the property.

Uniform Relocation Assistance (URA)
Most acquisitions of real property by a public agency for a Federal project or a project in which Federal funds are used are covered by the URA. If you are notified that your property will be acquired for such a project, it is important that you learn your rights under this important law.

Unit of general local government
means any city, town, township, parish, county, village, or other general purpose political subdivision of a State; Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau, the Marshall Islands, or a general purpose political subdivision thereof; and any agency or instrumentality thereof that is established pursuant to legislation and designated by the chief executive to act on behalf of the jurisdiction with regard to provisions of the National Affordable Housing Act.

Unsuitable property
means that HUD has determined that a particular property does not satisfy the criteria in Sec. 581.6.

Unutilized property
means an entire property or portion thereof, with or without improvements, not occupied for current program purposes for the accountable executive agency or occupied in caretaker status only.

Urban area traffic restriction
means a setting aside of certain portions of an urban area as restricted zones where varying degrees of limitation are placed on general traffic usage and/or parking.

Useful life
shall mean a period of 10 years upon construction completion and issuance of an occupancy permit applicable to a residential rental, transitional or homeownership property acquired, constructed or rehabilitated (including architectural and engineering fees), or maintained (i.e., operating costs or replacement reserves), in whole or in part.

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