Glossary of CPD Terms - N

These are some terms that are specifically related to HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs or functions.

means a geographic location designated in comprehensive plans, ordinances, or other local documents as a neighborhood, village, or similar geographical designation that is within the boundary but does not encompass the entire area of a unit of general local government; except that if the unit of general local government has a population under 25,000, the neighborhood may, but need not, encompass the entire area of a unit of general local government.

Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy
A comprehensive approach to addressing economic development needs in a neighborhood within a community, submitted as part of (or an amendment to) a PJ's Consolidated Plan.

New Construction
The creation of new dwelling units. Any project that includes the creation of additional dwelling units outside the existing walls of a structure is also considered new construction.

Nonentitlement public entity
means any unit of general local government in a nonentitlement area.

Nonprofit organization
means any nonprofit organization (including a State or locally chartered, nonprofit organization) that:

  1. Is organized under State or local laws;
  2. Has no part of its net earnings inuring to the benefit of any member, founder, contributor, or individual;
  3. Has a functioning accounting system that is operated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, or has designated an entity that will maintain such an accounting system; and
  4. Has among its purposes significant activities related to providing services or housing to persons with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or related diseases.

Nonprofit recipient
means any private nonprofit organization providing assistance to the homeless, to which a State or unit of general local government distributes emergency shelter grant amounts.

Non-substantial rehabilitation
means rehabilitation that involves costs that are less than or equal to 75 percent of the value of the building after rehabilitation.

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