HUD CHP Screening Tool

[Software Image]The HUD CHP Screening Tool was developed under a collaborative effort between the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Energy as a tool to evaluate combined cooling, heating, and power in multi-family housing. A new Version 2.1 has been posted to expand the scope of the evaluation.

Users of the HUD CHP Screening Tool can quickly calculate a theoretical payback for a system if they enter only utility rates, location, square footage and number of occupants. For an assessment based on actual consumption, users need to type in data from their monthly power and fuel bills for one consecutive 12 month period as well as some utility rate information. The program uses these data to estimate fuel use for space and water heating and power consumption for air conditioning. The utility costs and rate information are combined with correlations for costs of generator equipment, installation, and maintenance to estimate simple payback periods for a hypothetical CHP system relative to the non-CHP system reflected in the utility data. Sites with low estimated simple payback periods are encouraged to look more seriously into CHP for both its energy savings and cost savings opportunities. Sites with high simple payback periods can save the time and effort of examining CHP in detail with assurances that they are not missing a great opportunity.

See "HUD CHP Guide #2"

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