HOME Match

All Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) must contribute or match no less than 25 cents for each dollar of HOME funds spent on affordable housing. As PJs draw funds from HOME Investment Trust Funds, they incur a match liability, which must be satisfied by the end of each federal fiscal year. The matching contribution adds to the resources available for HOME-assisted or HOME-eligible projects, and must come in the form of a permanent contribution to affordable housing. Generally, investments from state or local governments or the private sector qualify as matching contributions, whereas federal funds (such as CDBG) do not qualify. Eligible sources of a match for HOME funds include: cash; donated construction materials or volunteer labor; value of donated land or real property; value of foregone interest, taxes, fees, or charges levied by public or private entities; investments in on-or offsite improvements; proceeds from bond financing; the cost of supportive services provided to families living in HOME units; and the cost of homebuyer counseling to families purchasing HOME-assisted units.

The HOME statute provides for a reduction of the matching contribution requirement under three conditions: 1) fiscal distress; 2) severe fiscal distress; and 3) for Presidentially-declared major disasters covered under the Stafford Act.

For more information on Match requirements, see 24 CFR 92.218

To request a match reduction, please contact your local field office.




Content current as of June 7, 2024.