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Understanding HOME-ARP Preferences, Referral Methods, and Allocation Plan Requirements

HUD’s Office of Affordable Housing Programs (OAHP) conducted a webinar on Understanding HOME-ARP Preferences, Referral Methods, and Allocation Plan Requirements on May 17, 2022.  CPD Notice 21-10: Requirements for the HOME-ARP Program establishes requirements for implementing preferences, limitations, and referral methods for HOME-ARP programs, as well as the required elements of a HOME allocation plan. 

This webinar familiarizes HOME Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) and other program partners (CoCs, homeless service providers, local housing providers, and public housing agencies) with requirements for establishing and implementing preferences and limitations, and referral methods, as well as reviews the requirements for allocation plans and provides tips on developing complete and compliant plans. 

OAHP staff address:

  • establishing preferences or limitations among the HOME-ARP Qualifying Populations;
  • permissible client referral methods and how they are affected by the use of preferences;
  • avoiding pitfalls related to consultation, public participation, and the content of their allocation plans.

OAHP will introduce an updated Sample Allocation Plan Template designed to clarify requirements and provides useful tips and walks through new explanatory guidance on preferences, limitations, and referral methods.

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Content current as of June 14, 2022.