The 651 State and local participating jurisdictions eligible to receive HOME-ARP grants are required to submit a HOME-ARP Allocation Plan to HUD for review. The HOME-ARP Allocation Plan describes how the participating jurisdiction intends to distribute its HOME-ARP funds, including how it will use these funds to address the needs of HOME-ARP qualifying populations.  HOME-ARP Allocation Plans that have been both reviewed and accepted by HUD are listed by State, and participating jurisdiction name. This page will continue to be updated with HOME-ARP Allocation Plans as they are reviewed and accepted by HUD.  

Note: Acceptance of the HOME-ARP Allocation Plan does not constitute approval of the activities identified in the HOME-ARP Allocation Plan as being in compliance with relevant HOME-ARP program requirements and does not confer a determination of the eligibility of the activities in the HOME-ARP Allocation Plan.

Additional State pages will be added as participating jurisdictions’ Allocation Plans are accepted by HUD.




Content current as of June 14, 2024