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HUD-DOE Multifamily Weatherization Partnership

Program Description

On January 25, 2010, the Department of Energy implemented a new rule at 10 CFR 440.22 for its Weatherization Assistance Program. The rule was a result of a partnership between HUD and DOE on May 6, 2009, aimed streamlining the use of Recovery Act weatherization funds in HUD-assisted buildings.

Under the rule, if a public housing, assisted multi-family building is identified by HUD and included on a list published by DOE, that building meets DOE's weatherization program income requirements without the need for further evaluation or verification - and may also meet certain other program requirements.

Effective January 2017, the procedures for adding properties to the DOE list of eligible properties for weatherization assistance are described under "Current Procedures for Adding Properties" below.

Weatherization Program Requirements

Program requirements for the Weatherization Assistance Programs are set and administered by the Department of Energy's Office Energy Efficiency and Renewal Energy (EERE). Information about program regulations and guidance and information on how the weatherization program works can be found on DOE's website.

Weatherization and HUD's Lead Safe Housing Rule

Effective April 22, 2010 local weatherization agencies are required to comply with EPA's Lead Renovation, Repair and Repainting (RRP) requirements for most pre-1978 residences or child-occupied facilities. HUD's Lead Safe Housing Rule may also apply when weatherizing pre-1978 HUD-assisted and public housing if certain conditions are met. These are described here.

Current Procedures for Adding Properties to DOE List of Eligible Properties

In the past, HUD provided DOE with annual updated lists of weatherization-eligible HUD-assisted buildings. Effective February 4, 2011, HUD established a self-certification procedure for adding individual properties to the list. As of January, 2017, interested owners of HUD-assisted or public housing should use this self-certification procedure for securing HUD approval of placing properties on the DOE list.

If you would like your property reviewed by HUD for inclusion on the list, please follow the self-certification procedures outlined in the attached Multifamily Occupancy Guidance, and upload the required data into the attached Worksheet. (See Instructions below).

For Further Information

For questions about project eligibility or other policy or implementation issues pertaining to weatherizing HUD supported public and multifamily properties, please review the procedures outlined here.

Also refer to DOE's web site.

If you have questions, please direct them to energyaction@hud.gov.



Content current as of November 30, 2021.