Economic Development
Who Needs Economic Development?

Many communities desire to increase the local economy’s capacity to create wealth for local residents, particularly in local areas which have fallen behind in economic productivity. Economic development strengthens communities through more and higher paying jobs, increasing the local tax base, and diversifying the local economy.

Where Can Individuals Find Assistance?
Individuals looking for assistance can:
What Information Does HUD Provide?
The HUD Exchange provides a hub for the latest Economic Development resources, updates, and information, including templates, news, guides, training manuals, and more.
How Can My Organization Receive Funds?

HUD does not provide assistance directly to citizens. If you are an interested citizen, contact your local municipal or county officials for more information. If your local government officials cannot answer your questions, or if you are a local official, contact the HUD Field Office that serves your area.


Content current as of December 30, 2019.