CDBG Disaster Recovery Assistance
State of New Jersey: B-13-DS-34-0001

Grantee Contact

Ana Montero
Deputy Commissioner
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
PO Box 811, 5th Floor
101 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08625-0811
(609) 633-6286

Public Law and Applicable Notices, Waivers, and Alternative Requirements 

Action Plan and Amendments

Find out how the Grantee plans to use the funds to build and restore the community, through the details provided in Action Plans for the grant:

B-13-DS-34-0001               $3,292,520,000

Grantee Action Plans

Grantee Accomplishments

Each Grantee submits a quarterly report detailing their expenses and accomplishments.
See the latest information submitted by the Grantee for the grant:

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