Continuum of Care FY21 Grant Inventory Worksheets

Continuum of Care (CoC) Collaborative Applicants need to review their Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW) report when distributed by HUD and, if needed, submit change requests to HUD using the GIW Change Form.

The GIW report is used annually to record all grants within a CoC’s geographic area that are eligible for renewal funding for an upcoming CoC Program Competition. The GIW calculates an Annual Renewal Amount (ARA) for each project, which is the sum of all renewable budget line items (BLI) (e.g., rental assistance, leasing, supportive services) and the total renewal amount a project may request under the CoC Program Competition. The sum of all ARAs within the CoC is then used to calculate the CoC’s Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD). See the CoC GIW instructions for information regarding how to review GIWs and the process to follow if there are changes needed to the GIW information.

UPDATE: July 13, 2021 – During the GIW review process, CoC Collaborative Applicants may have submitted revisions to the GIW originally posted June 4, 2021 to this webpage. For those GIWs that were revised, HUD removed the original GIW and replaced with a revised GIW. The FY 2021 GIW process is complete. If you have additional changes that were not captured during the revision process, please contact your HUD field office representative.

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Content current as of July 13, 2021.