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Interim Process: Data for CDBG-DR Grantee’s Impact and Unmet Needs Assessments, Program Marketing, and Duplication of Benefits Analysis
Available Data

The longstanding data sharing agreement between FEMA with HUD and CDBG-DR grantees is being revised to address privacy-related issues identified in the applicable FEMA System of Records Notices (SORN). HUD is currently working with FEMA on a computer matching agreement (CMA) to ensure that HUD grantees will get the latest Individual Assistance program data from FEMA in order to build out their impact and unmet needs assessment, market their programs to potentially impacted individuals, and complete their duplication of benefits analyses for individual benefits. HUD and FEMA intend to have this process completed by the end of March 2022.

Interim Process

While HUD and FEMA work through this process, HUD is publishing an interim process that grantees can follow to obtain data for Duplication of Benefits Analysis, Planning (e.g., developing an impact and unmet needs assessment) and Program Marketing. This process is explained in the forms below:

Documents to Review

DOB Analysis – Forms Needed:

  1. CDBG-DR FEMA DOB Check Data Request Process
  2. FEMA Privacy Data Cover Sheet
  3. Written Consent Coversheet
  4. Written Consent Form FEMA

Planning and Program Marketing – Forms Needed:

  1. CDBG-DR FEMA Planning Data Request Process


Content current as of May 4, 2022