2020 and 2021 CDBG-DR Grantees

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published 87 FR 6364 (“2020 CDBG-DR Notice”) on February 3, 2022 and 87 FR 31636 (“2020 and 2021 CDBG-DR Notice”) on May 24, 2022. These Notices combine “allocation-specific” requirements in the Allocation Announcement Notice (AAN) and “consolidated requirements” in the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice (Appendix B of the Notice).

The CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice combines and updates requirements from several different Federal Register notices and CPD Notices that have governed CDBG-DR funds in the past. Additionally, the Consolidated Notice includes significant changes in CDBG-DR policies to reflect the Administration’s priorities of combatting climate change and achieving more equitable disaster recovery outcomes. Many of these changes are summarized in the accompanying Fact Sheets and Training.

2020 CDBG-DR Notice
2020 and 2021 CDBG-DR Notice
2021 CDBG-DR Notice

HUD’s pre-recorded webinars focus on requirements tied to 2020 CDBG-DR grants and the topics listed in the AAN and the Consolidated Notice.

Fact Sheets

HUD has created the following fact sheets to summarize topics and requirements listed in the AAN and the Consolidated Notice to help grantees understand and expand on the requirements of the notice.

Grantee Guidance and Checklists

These documents include checklists, templates, and guidance that will be used by grantees as well as  HUD staff to help ensure compliance with the requirements of the notice.

Materials Needed for CDBG-DR Grantee's Financial Management and Grant Compliance Certification Requirements:

Guidance and Materials related to the Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting System (DRGR):

Materials related to the Implementation Plan, the Action Plan, and the Action Plan for Program Administrative Costs:


Content current as of January 18, 2023.