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Relocation Notices

The URA regulations require three notices to be issued to eligible persons. These notices provide important information about the project, the affected persons' resulting rights, their protections, and their eligibility for relocation assistance and payments under the URA. It is critical for agencies to issue appropriate notices to affected persons at the appropriate time.

One of the most important URA notices is the 90 Day Notice. No person shall be required to move without a minimum of 90 days written notice of the required date of the move.

HUD has specific requirements relating to the three URA notices and also requires additional notices be issued when conducting acquisition and relocation activities for HUD funded programs and projects. Agencies should refer to the HUD handbook for more information on this topic.

What notices are required under the URA?

  • General Information Notice (GIN) Informs affected persons of the project and that they may be displaced by the project.
  • Notice of Relocation Eligibility: Informs persons that they will be displaced by the project and establishes their eligibility for relocation assistance and payments.
  • 90 Day Notice: Informs displaced persons of the earliest date by which they will be required to move. This notice may not be issued unless a comparable replacement dwelling is available and the displaced person is informed of its location and has sufficient time to lease or purchase the property.

Where can you go to find more information about required notices?

You should consult 49 CFR 24.203 and Chapter 2 of HUD Handbook 1378 for more guidance.