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HOME Training Materials

HOME training materials provide detailed guidance in the area of community development, as well as specific trainings for the HOME Program. HOME Training Materials give support to HUD staff and our PJs.

Much of the training material provided via the links below is in either Microsoft PowerPoint and/or Adobe PDF format. Powerpoint is a good format to use if you are planning a demonstration on the material covered in the manual. You may save the file locally and then open it in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, you may visit the Microsoft Web site and download the free PowerPoint Viewer. If you aren't planning on using the slides for a demonstration, you can choose to view them in PDF format.

Course Manuals and Overheads


Building HOME: a HOME Program Primer
This course provides a detailed explanation of the HOME Program, including HOME requirements and rules, eligible activities, eligible forms of match, and HOME monitoring and reporting.

Additional course manuals and overheads will be posted in the coming weeks.

Model Program Guides

A list of all Model Program Guides dating back to 1993 are available.

Fact Sheets & Case Studies

Fact Sheets

Case Studies

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