PPM V2.0 Introduction

The matrix below outlines key activities within the four phases of the PPM V2.0 Life Cycle.

Below each phase heading are links to the phase-specific user guide.

The user guides provide a detailed description of the phase, identify key tasks and activities, and an overall phase process flow. They also provide guidance on project type differentiators, artifact consolidation at the program or initiative-level, and iterative development considerations for the phase. Template owner information and who should sign off on each artifact prior to control gate reviews is also given. To learn more about each phase, select the appropriate user guide. 

Beneath the matrix is a link to a detailed graphic representing all elements of the PPM V2.0 Life Cycle.


An image showing and explaining each of the four phases of the new PPM version 2.0: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Control, and Close Out.Initiation Phase GuidePlanning Phase GuideExecution and Control Phase GuideClose Out Phase Guide


Below is a link to a graphic of the full PPM V2.0 Life Cycle that includes pre-PPM activities and tasks, Operations and Maintenance key activities and tasks, and information on control gate reviews.

Detailed PPM V2.0 Life Cycle Graphic