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HUD now offers two primary paths for managing projects. The traditional PPM is Predictive Focused featuring a more plan-driven or linear approach. This approach is recommended when the requirements are fully understood and fixed; a lower frequency of delivery is desired; and a lower degree of change is expected. The product is delivered once at the end of the phased development cycle. This methodology favors process over innovation. Learn more about Traditional PPM.

The other path for managing projects is Agile PPM. All software development projects at HUD are required to use this approach. This methodology is Adaptive Focused and is geared toward constantly incorporating customer feedback and the continuous iteration of development and testing in the entire software development lifecycle of the project to deliver chunks of value in increments, or Agile Artifacts.

 Learn more about Agile PPM and its tools. You can also read more about HUD's Agile Methodology policy

If you have any questions related to PPM or Agile, please contact PPM@hud.gov.


Traditional PPM Agile PPM
Graphic showing old PPM Graphic showing new Agile PPM