IT Management Framework CONOPS
HUD's framework for managing IT investments integrates IT strategy development, enterprise architecture, capital management, project management and investment performance measurement. This framework provides a "line of sight" across the entire investment landscape. The ITM Framework Concept of Operations (CONOPS) communicates the high-level characteristics, activities, and structures of IT management and governance to HUD's IT stakeholders.

The goals of the framework are:
Leverage cross mission area opportunities for improved citizen services and cost savings
Transparent and timely decisions
High fiscal accountability; budget requests supported by vigorous planning efforts
Increase information security and stakeholder privacy
Utilize a consistent and reusable IT infrastructure
Measurable returns from our IT investments

 The framework categorizes investment management activities into three broad areas defined in OMB's performance framework as shown in this graphic: Architect, Invest, and Implement.
Architect Phase is primarily concerned with: linking IT investments to HUD's strategic priorities, reviewing the performance of HUD's existing IT portfolio and developing investment criteria to most effectively use limited IT resources.

Invest Phase involves the preparation, submission, and revision of budgets.
Implement Phase focuses on approving and tracking acquisitions and procurements measuring investment performance and providing input into the next Architecture cycle of the framework.

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Implementation of this framework will occur incrementally. HUD is augmenting a new governance structure for IT investments that complements this framework and has developed details of a new Project Planning and Management (PPM) process that is shown on the lower part of the graphic. PPM is a framework of its own that addresses a critical need to provide a structured process for planning and managing IT projects.

Documentation on the other parts of the IT Management Framework will be added over time.