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FY 2013 Conference Spending (reported January 31, 2014)

As part of the Administration’s conference transparency initiative, HUD has implemented a departmental conference review, approval and reporting process to ensure that appropriated funds are spent properly relative to our essential mission.  As part of the Campaign to Cut Waste (CCW) and other management initiatives, managers throughout the department are thoroughly evaluating ways to leverage technology when possible and maximize the benefit from the expenditures on conferences and travel.  To this end, HUD has also increased the use of webcasts and online trainings in place of in person conferences and meetings.

HUD’s conference process includes input from within HUD and from our constituents on the required training and information exchange that is best accomplished in person.  With proper internal controls, HUD’s leadership is confident that we will continue to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. 

On May 11, 2012, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued Memorandum-12-12 “Promoting Efficient Spending to Support Agency Operations” (M-12-12).  HUD provides information on conferences, as defined in footnote (4) of M-12-12:

4"Conference" is defined in this memorandum as it is in the FTR, as "[a] meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium or event that involves attendee travel. The term 'conference' also applies to training activities that are considered to be conferences under 5 CFR 410.404." See 41 CFR 300-3.1.

HUD is reporting on each conference sponsored by HUD during the prior fiscal year (FY) where US Government appropriated funds were expended in excess of $100,000. 

Conferences in excess of $500,000

No individual conference sponsored by HUD during the FY ended September 30, 2013 (FY 2013) expended appropriated federal funds in excess of $500,000. 

Conferences in excess of $100,000

One event sponsored by HUD during FY 2013 meets the definition of ‘conference’ above and incurred the expenditure of appropriated funds in excess of $100,000.  The following information is presented, per the guidance in M-12-12, for this conference:

  • sponsoring HUD program office
  • conference name
  • location
  • date
  • total number of individuals whose travel expenses or other conference expenses were paid by HUD
  • total conference expenses incurred
  • brief explanation how the conference advanced HUD’s mission

Listing of HUD FY 2013 Sponsored Conferences Over $100k

Program Office
The link to each program office home page is provided below

Conference (Name, Location and Date)

Number of Payees Total Conference Expenses

How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency

HUD Office of Public and Indian Housing

Choice Neighborhoods Grantee Conference

Location: Washington, DC

Date: November
28-30, 2012

42 $187,414

The conference, with over 300 participants, furthered the Department’s mission and strategic goals by providing hands-on, interactive training and best-practice tools to grantees and in-depth opportunities for grantees to share knowledge and lessons with peers and experts. As a critical mechanism for delivering technical assistance to grantees, the conference accelerated the successful implementation of HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods program across the country.

Total $187,414  

Since October of 2011 as the HUD Deputy Secretary implemented M-11-35 and through Sequestration and the FY 2013 CR, HUD’s executive team has been personally involved in the review and approval of both HUD sponsored and non-HUD sponsored conferences. The General Deputy Assistant Secretary (GDAS) (or equivalent) in each program and administrative office authorizes each conference expenditures for their organization. For any conference over $10k the GDAS also requested two additional approvals from the Deputy Chief Financial officer and the Deputy Secretary. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer serves as the single channel for both these approvals and reporting.

The single FY2013 conference in this reporting category demonstrates the effectiveness of our efforts (as described above) in reducing the HUD sponsored conferences; last year we reported six HUD sponsored conferences over $100k for a total of just over $1m. Conferences are an important component of our mission critical activity.  Through these efforts we continue to reduce spending and properly prioritize the limited funding available.

Please visit the conference reporting website of HUD Office of the Inspector General for the conference reporting by HUD OIG.