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Grants Management and Oversight Division

Our Mission: To enhance the grants management initiative throughout HUD by implementing planned programs of action and enhanced technology to streamline and manage the entire grant lifecycle (pre-award, award, and post-award) for all HUD programs.

About GMO

The Grants Management and Oversight Division (GMO), within the Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), strengthens Departmental internal controls and enhances management integrity across HUD's programs. GMO works closely with Program Offices to streamline grants processes and procedures and increase transparency for results achieved in HUD's grant programs.

GMO is responsible for guidance and policies related to competitive grant programs. This includes issuing guidance for:

  • Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs)
  • Ensuring compliance with pertinent statutes and regulation
  • Ensuring consistency with HUD's strategic goals and policies

GMO is also undertaking multiple initiatives in support of the federal-wide Cross Agency Priority Goal on Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants. Utilize this website to familiarize yourself with GMO’s staff, grant programs, and relevant information.

GMO Staff

Dorthera “Rita” Yorkshire, Director                                     

Portfolio Managers & Program Analysts:

Christine W. Brown

Eunice Cho

Alexander M. Cole

Dwayne R. Matthews

Dr. Dẽ Nita Square-Smith

Valentina Vaughn-Griffiths

Thaddeus Wincek

Grants Information

Click Grants Information to learn how to apply for grant opportunities, access Grants Management resources, and read Grants Management policies and regulations.

HUD's Grant Programs

Click Funding Opportunities for the listing of published Notice of Funding Opportunities.

GMO HUD Exchange

Click GMO’s HUD Exchange webpage for additional resources and learning tools related to managing federal grant funds.


GMOHome is an internal site accessible to HUD staff only. Click Here for links to internal guidance documents, standard operating procedures, and policies related to the GMO division.

Standards for SUCCESS

Click Standards for Success to learn more about the framework.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Standards for Success (SfS) is HUD’s standardized reporting framework for its discretionary-funded programs. The framework’s main tenets are: (1) standardization of data elements, measures, definitions, metrics, and reporting periods across HUD programs; (2) alignment of programmatic data elements and measures with higher-level agency priority goals and objectives; and (3) the utilization of record-level reports for greater analysis and responsiveness of programs.

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