Common Questions

Q. Who is the Chief Financial Officer?

A. The Chief Financial Officer serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary on financial management and is the senior departmental official responsible for establishing and implementing policies to govern all aspects of financial management in the Department and oversee the design, implementation, and coordination of the Department's financial information and general management systems. The CFO's responsibility includes systems integration, development of the annual financial statements, accounting operations, the implementation of the Department's management control program, and other financial management areas.

Q. What is the purpose of the Chief Financial Officers Act?

A. The CFO Act (P.L. 101-576) of 1990 was passed to "bring more effective general and financial management practices to the Federal Government." It established statutory CFOs in all executive departments and agencies and required "enhancement of federal financial management activities."

Q. Who do I contact to determine the status of a commercial invoice and travel vouchers that have been submitted to HUD for payment?

A. First determine where the invoice or voucher was submitted for payment. If the invoice or voucher was sent directly to someone other than the CFO Accounting Center, contact that individual or office directly. If the invoice or voucher was sent directly to the CFO Accounting Center in Fort Worth, TX click here for the names and phone numbers of contact points who are assigned to specific vendors or travelers.

Q. I received a check from HUD, but I don't know what it's for. Who do I contact?

A. If you believe it might be for an FHA program, please contact the FHA Resource Center at (800)CALL-FHA or

However, for Non-FHA programs, contact Yvette Ford, Program Support Branch, at 202-708-0614 ext. 3683. Her email address is

Q. I was supposed to get a Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) refund, but haven't received it yet. Who do I contact?

A. HUD has a toll-free number for MIP refunds, 1-800-697-6967.

Q. I need to call a HUD employee, but don't know the telephone number. How can I find the number?

A. HUD has an employee locator whose telephone number is 202-401-0388.