The APGs, outlined and illustrated below, directly support HUD’s Strategic Goals to focus on ongoing responsibilities and priorities to address the following six Agency Priority Goals:

(1) Prevent Foreclosures: Assist 700,000 homeowners who were at risk of losing their homes due to foreclosure;

Reducing Vacancy Rates: Reduce the average residential vacancy rate in 70 percent of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis relative to comparable areas;

Preserve Affordable Rental Housing: Preserve affordable rental housing by continuing to serve 5.4 million total families and serve 61,000 families through HUD’s affordable rental housing programs;

Reduce Homelessness: Reduce the number of homeless Veterans to 35,000 by helping them move into permanent housing, jointly with the Department of Veterans Affairs;

Energy Efficiency and Healthy Homes: Enable the cost-effective green and energy retrofits of an estimated 159,000 HUD-assisted and public housing units.

Award Funds Fairly and Quickly: Improve internal processes to ensure that it could obligate 90 percent of Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) programs within 180 calendar days from budget passage, ensuring that America’s neediest families have the shelter and services they need, when they need them.


Each of HUD’s Strategic Goals are supported by one or more two-year Agency Priority Goals (APGs), which serve as key measures of success in furthering HUD’s mission  By monitoring progress on the APGs, HUD can analyze performance trends alongside related funding information to provide a comprehensible picture of its progress towards achieving its priorities.

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  Agency Priority Goals Prevent ForeclosuresReducing Vacancy Rates Preserve Affordable Rental HousingReduce HomelessnessEnergy Efficiency and Healthy HomesAward Funds Fairly and QuicklyAgency Priority Goals


HUD wins 7th consecutive CEAR award.

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