This information on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s audit resolution and follow-up activity covers the period October 1, 2011, through September 30, 2012. It is required by Section 106 of the Inspector General Act Amendments (Public law 100-504), and provides information on the status of audit recommendations with management decisions, but no final action. The report also furnishes statistics for FY 2012 on the total number of audit reports and dollar value for both disallowed costs and for recommendations that funds be put to better use.

Audit Resolution Highlights

Overall the Department achieved 1,112 approved management decisions and successfully implemented 888 recommendations.  The Department also made good progress in reducing its inventory of potential significantly overdue final actions, which are those recommendations which could potentially be significantly overdue on September 30, 2012.  This inventory was successfully addressed and the Department resolved 126 recommendations in this category, which was a reduction of 68.5 percent.


Summary Of Management Decisions On Audit Recommendations


Summary of Management Decisions on Audit Recommendations

1Management decisions were made on a total of 1,112 recommendations (172 audits of which 102 had final management decisions).  Of these, 467 recommendations were in the opening inventory.

2This reporting period ended with 308 recommendations without management decisions.  Of these, one recommendation is over 6 months old.