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In order to help the reader to understand the Department's financial results, position, and condition, the following analysis addresses the relevance of particular balances and amounts as well as major changes in types and/or amounts of assets, liabilities, costs, revenues, obligations, and outlays.  

The principal financial statements have been prepared from the Department's accounting records in order to report the financial position and results of HUD's operations, pursuant to the requirements of 31 U.S.C. 3515 (b).  While the statements have been prepared from the books and records of the Department in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for Federal entities and the formats prescribed by OMB, the statements are provided in addition to the financial reports used to monitor and control budgetary resources, which are prepared from the same books and records.  

The statements should be read with the realization that they are for a component of the United States Government, a sovereign entity.  

This part provides a summary of HUD's: 


 Summarized Financial Data 


Analysis Of Financial Position

Composition Of HUD Assets Total Assets Trend Assets By Responsibility Segments
Composition Of HUD Liabilities Liabilities Trend Liabilities By Responsibility Segment
Net Position
Net Change In Cumulative Results Of Operations Net Cost By Responsibility Segment
Commitments Under HUD's Grants, Subsidy, and Loan Programs Section 8 Commitments Total Assets Trend Ginnie Mae Mortgaged-Backed Securities Outstanding at FY End
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