As part of its mission, HUD is committed to creating places throughout the nation that effectively connect people to jobs, transportation, quality public schools, and other amenities - "geographies of opportunity."


  • For our residents, we pledge to improve lives by creating affordable homes in safe, healthy communities of opportunity, and by protecting the rights and affirming the values of a diverse society.

  • For our partners, we will be a flexible, reliable problem solver and source of innovation.

  • For our employees, we will be a great place to work, where employees are valued, mission driven, results oriented, innovative, and collaborative.

  • For the public, we will be a good neighbor, building inclusive and sustainable communities that create value and investing public money responsibly to deliver results that matter.

 Core Philosophy 

When choosing a home, citizens are not only choosing a physical structure, but they are also choosing communities and the opportunities available in those communities, transportation to work, schools for their children, and public safety.  Ensuring that every American has those choices is what HUD has desigend its programs to do.


Major Organizations & Program Activities

HUD accomplishes its mission through component organizations and offices that administer place-based programs (outlined on these pages), which are carried out through a network of regional offices and smaller field offices, as well as through grantees, contractors, and other business partners.

HUD's major program organizations include the:


Strategic Plan

The HUD Strategic Plan FY 2010-2015, issued in May 2010, includes a reinvigorated mission statement that reflects a renewed focus on people and places, as well as a vision statement that paints a picture of what HUD will be to our partners, employees, and the American people, as a whole. Read  more...

Agency Priority Goals (APGs)

The APGs serve as management improvement strategies, which represent challenging, generally two-year performance improvements under existing legislative and budgetary authority, specifically under the GPRAMARead more...

Foreclosure Prevention   Vacancy Rate Reduction
HUD's Priority Goal 1: Foreclosure Prevention   HUD's Priority Goal 2: Vacancy Rate Reduction
Rental Assistance   Veterans Homelessness
HUD's Priority Goal 3: Rental Assistance   HUD's Priority Goal 4: Veterans Homelessness
Energy and Green Retrofits   Funds Availability
HUD's Priority Goal 5: Energy and Green Retrofits   HUD's Priority Goal 6: Funds Availability