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Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide (4430.G)

The Multifamily Accelerated Processing Guide, the "MAP Guide," is comprehensive instruction and requirements for the origination, underwriting and endorsement ("closing") of HUD-FHA insured mortgages for multifamily properties. The MAP Guide describes how lenders qualify for participation and how lenders apply for mortgage insurance including the qualifications and roles, both financial and professional, of all participants. The 2020 MAP Guide updates the prior 2016 MAP Guide and includes all relevant guidance published by FHA since the publication of the 2016 MAP Guide. The links below provide access to the 2020 MAP Guide as well as certain documents necessary for users of the MAP Guide. See the Transmittal for transition provisions from the 2016 MAP Guide to the 2020 MAP Guide as well as a summary of key changes and revisions to format and reader aides. The 2016 MAP Guide has been archived but remains available at the archive link below.

2020 MAP Guide (03/24/2021) PDF
Appendix 4 Application Exhibit Checklists (03/24/2021) EXCEL
Appendix A.5.12, 223(f) Repairs and Alterations Cost Worksheet (03/24/2021) EXCEL
Project Analysis Worksheet for Section 223(a)(7) EXCEL
HUD RfR Financial Factors Tool v3.0_2 (11/19/2020) EXCEL
Estimated Useful Life Table (EUL) for CNA eTool (2/11/2016) PAGE
Section 106 Authorization Memo for Multifamily and Healthcare FHA (01/01/2023) PDF
Transmittal (12/18/2020)
Archived Guidebooks - January 2016, August 2011 and March 2002 versions