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Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide (4430.G)

Multifamily published its revised Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide, which is intended to cut the time required to approve loan applications and to assure consistent application of program requirements and credit standards across all HUD processing offices. FHAā€™s new MAP Guide delegates more underwriting responsibility to approved ā€œMAP lendersā€ and includes all relevant guidance published by FHA since the MAP Guide was last updated in 2011.

This new Guide consolidates all necessary underwriting and program requirements in one document and addresses concerns raised by those seeking updated standards.

Below are links that allow users to download (a) REV-2 MAP Guide 4430G January 2016, Bookmarked release 1.1 (the ā€œBookmarked MAP Guideā€) and (b) an Overview and User Guide to the Bookmarked MAP Guide.

The Bookmarked MAP Guide contains various features that make this PDF document easier to use. The Bookmarked MAP Guide contains no new guidance or policy, but is simply a reformatted version of the REV-2 Guide.

REV-2 2016 MAP Guide Chapters 1-18 Bookmarked version-release 1.1 (1/29/2016)
REV-2 2016 MAP Guide Appendices 2016 Bookmarked version-release 1.1 (1/29/2016)
Appendix 4A-4B EXCEL
Administrative Memorandum-CNA Narrative, Photo, RfR (7/30/2018) PDF
HUD RfR Financial Factors Tool v3.0 (8/1/2018) EXCEL
EUL for CNA e Tool (2/11/2016) PAGE
Overview and User Guide to the Bookmarked MAP Guide PDF
Example of 223(a)(7) Project Analysis required per Chapter 18.4 -  Release 1.0 (5/4/2016) EXCEL

Below are links that allow users to download the Transmittal. The PDF document posted on 2/1/2016 does not contain the enhanced features of the Bookmarked version above, and is shorter since it does not contain the Chapter and Section information in the documentā€™s pagesā€™ headers that the Bookmarked version above does contain.

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