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Manufactured Housing Interpretative Bulletins
Interpretative Bulletins for Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations (§3282)
EIB-H-1-76 Label Language Interpretation
EIB-H-1-77 PIA Responsibility for Documents Required to be Provided with a Manufactured Home
EIB-H-2-77 IPIA Responsibility for Application of Serial Numbers
EIB-H-1-78 IPIA Responsibility for Plant Approval
EIB-H-1-94 Consumer Complaint Handling and Remedial Actions


Interpretative Bulletins for Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (§3280)
IB-94-9689 Clarifications of Certain Rule Provisions
IB-94-16073 Waiver Relating to Certain Exterior Wall Cladding, Wind Standards
IB-A-1-77 Identification of State of Manufacture in the Mobile Home Serial Number
IB-A-1-78 Applicability of Residence Standards and Second Generation Reference Standards
IB-B-1-76 Swinging Exterior Passage Door Dimension
IB-B-2-76 Interior Door Construction
IB-B-3-76 Interior Door In Hallway
IB-C-1-91 Kitchen Cabinet Protection, Dimensions of the Range Hood
IB-C-2-76 Fire Protection for Furnace and Water Heater Spaces
IB-C-3-76 Combustible Kitchen Cabinet Protection 
IB-C-4-76 3/8" Maximum Foam Plastic Siding Backer Board
IB-C-5-76 Foam Plastic Insulation Sheathing 
IB-D-1-76 Allowable Design Stresses for Board Lumber
IB-D-1-77 Lumber Moisture Content
IB-D-2-76 Carpet Application
IB-D-4-76 Structural Design Criteria-Net Uplift
IB-E-1-76 Alternate Test Procedure in Lieu of Testing to Failure; Allowable Design Load Determination for Tested Assemblies
IB-E-1-78 Attachment of Latches Required to Hold Open Vertically Opening Egress Windows Sections
IB-E-2-76 Uplift Testing
IB-E-3-76 Egress Windows
IB-F-1-76 Condensation Control-Exterior Sheathing
IB-F-1-77 Air Infilltration at Wall-to-Wall, Wall-to-Ceiling, and Wall-to-Floor Connections
IB-F-2-77 Heat Loss Certificate
IB-G-1-77 Plastic Drain Line Fittings
IB-G-1-78 Venting Requirements for Systems Utilizing Anti-Siphon Trap Vent Devices
IB-G-2-76 Master Cold Water Shut-Off Valve
IB-G-2-78 Testing of Water System
IB-G-3-76 Anti-Siphon Trap Vent Device Materials
IB-G-3-78 Insert Fittings in Plastic Water Supply Systems
IB-H-1-76 Installation of Snap-In Type Boxes
IB-H-1-84 Waiver of Air Supply Duct Thickness Requirement
IB-H-2-77 Undercutting Bathroom Doors
IB-H-3-76 Vertical Clearance Over Cooking Top
IB-I-1-76 Provision of Exterior Furnace/Air Conditioning Equipment
IB-I-1-77 Location and Type of Outdoor Receptacle Outlet
IB-I-1-80 Substantial Brace Criteria
IB-I-2-76 Exterior Lighting Outlet
IB-I-2-77 External Heating and Air Condition Equipment 
IB-I-2-98 Metal Roofing
IB-J-1-76 Transportation-Subpart J of Part 2380