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Chief Human Capital Officer
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Internal Controls Process for Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL) and Scientific or Professional (ST) Employees' Performance and Misconduct

If you supervise a Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL) or Scientific or Professional (ST) employee, you must assign an initial summary rating, and communicate it to each subordinate by the deadline. Your rating assessment must be based on the evidence of performance against the written performance requirements or standards issued for the position with respect to the relevant rating period. Within that framework, you must consider all relevant indicia of levels of performance, considering the performance elements applicable to the position and the relationship between organizational success and individual employee performance, as appropriate. If misconduct has affected performance, you may consider evidence of such misconduct in assessing performance against the applicable requirements or standards.


The Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer is responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures associated with human capital management and the administrative management of the Department. The Chief Human Capital Officer advises the Secretary and senior management on administrative management and human resource matters.