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Secretary Ben Carson



Season 1 Ep. 5: The Work of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council

Executive Director Scott Turner talks with us about how the Opportunity Zone initiative is bringing revitalization to communities across the country.

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Season 1 Ep. 4: All About Section 3: A Building Block for Economic Advancement

We talk with HUD's Tim Smyth about Section 3 and the Department's proposed changes to the rule so that it will be more beneficial for businesses and workers.

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Season 1 Ep 3: The Federal Role in Reducing Homelessness

We talk with experts from HUD and the VA about homelessness in America and what's being done to eradicate it.

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Season 1 Ep 2: HUD's role in Disaster Recovery

Deputy Secretary Pamela Hughes Patenaude discusses the Department's role in recovery following natural disasters.

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Season 1 Ep 1: The Affordable Housing Crisis

We sit down with Secretary Ben Carson to discuss HUD's efforts to address affordable housing challenges, including rising costs and limited inventory for homebuyers and renters.

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