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Native youth in California featured in “We Are Indian” YouTube video

The California Indian Museum has a message: the state’s Native youth are proud. They are proud of their history, proud of their culture, and proud of their families. Most importantly, they are proud of who they are. The museum shared this message in a video posted on YouTube. The video is titled “We Are Indian.”  This video features the museum’s Tribal Youth Ambassadors. The youth represent tribes from all across California. In the two-minute video, they talk about the importance of family and community involvement to Native Americans. The ambassadors share their goals and visions. They remind viewers that their future is bright.

The California Indian Museum began in 1996. Its mission is to education the public about the history of California Indians. It also runs the Tribal Youth Ambassadors program to engage the area’s Native youth. To learn more, go to http://cimcc.org/home/.

Watch this video, and be inspired!





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