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Animated videos tell stories from North American tribes

Native Americans have many special traditions. One of them is storytelling. To honor this tradition, some tribes and other Native individuals have put together animated videos of their creation stories and other tales important to their history. A news site called Indian Country Today posted these videos to share these stories. One of the videos tells the Iroquois Nation’s creation story called the Earth on the Turtle’s Back. In this tale, the turtle carries the Earth from the depths of the ocean to give land to the wife of the chief of the Sky Land. This became known as Turtle Island, home to the Iroquois Nation. Viewers can also watch the Raven Steals Light, the Haida’s legend of the creation of the sun, moon, and stars. There are many other videos to watch as well. See them all online.

A scene from the The Owl and the Lemming, an Eskimo legend available on Indian Country Today


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