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Culture Exchange Highlight

Native American teens connect with heritage in two documentary films
As the weather gets colder, warm up inside and try watching these two real-life films that showcase Native American teenagers exploring their cultural identity.

The Young Ancestors
The Young Ancestors is set in New Mexico at the Santa Fe Preparatory School. It follows a group of Native students who work with a mentor to learn their Tewa language. Their journey is important because fewer and fewer people speak their Native language, and some languages are going extinct. Only 169 different Native American languages exist today. Five hundred years ago, there were over 400 languages. The students learn more than the importance of Native languages. Their studies brings them closer to their culture and understanding their heritage. To order a copy of the DVD or learn more about the movie, go to www.TheYoungAncestors.com.

Racing the Rez
Two Native high schools in Arizona prepare for the State cross country championship in the movie Racing the Rez. This film follows the Chinle High School cross country team as they strive to unseat their neighbors, the Tuba City High School team - winners of 18 State cross country championships since 1970.  Learn how Navajo and Hopi tribal teens use their Native traditions to give them strength in their competitions. Running is more than a sport to these young athletes. It is a part of their creation stories and their culture. This movie shows how these Native teens find their place among their people and in the American culture. Watch who takes home the State championship title by ordering the DVD: http://bit.ly/OywYyo.


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