U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Special Attention of:         Interim Notice 97-0001 ADM I
Directives Mgmt. Officers      Issued: September 19, 1997
  at Headquarters             Expires: January 16, 1998
                    Cross References:
Subject:  Directives Clearance Information in HUDCLIPS
The HUD Client Information and Policy System (HUDCLIPS) is the
Department's online communication system for accessing certain
HUD documents. A new HUDCLIPS database, Draft
Directives in Clearance, will provide access to draft directives
for information purposes only.
To facilitate provision of this information, the Departmental
HUDCLIPS Coordinator in the Office of Administration will need to
receive certain material from the offices originating draft
directives.  Therefore, effective immediately, Directives
Management Officers (DMO,s) should take the following actions
when distributing hard copies of ALL draft directives for
     o  Handcarry a diskette to Brenda Smoot in room 5172, or
        send the wordprocessing file of the draft (up to 200 pages long)
        to her by cc:mail.
     o  Provide a hard copy if the draft contains graphics.
(Regardless of the draft's form, the word "DRAFT" should appear
prominently on the first page of the document.)
     o  Provide the Coordinator with the due date (deadline).
     o  Add a "TEMP" number to a draft notice (ex., TEMP 97-3
        (HA) PIH)-, for purposes of identification in the HUDCLIPS
     o  For a non-directive such as a guide, provide an
        appropriate number for identification purposes.
The Office of Administration is providing this information
service as an interim measure pending implementation of an
automated directives clearance system.
ARS:    Distribution: W-3-1