Montefiore Medical Center Bronx, New York
CEO of Montefiore Medical Center stated, "FHA has financed our growth, and our growth has created our success." It has been a wonderful partnership through the years, and I am in your debt for your personal as well as institutional support.

Montefiore is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3), acute care hospital with a voluntary governing board, and is the University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The FHA loan history includes an initial endorsement of $221,255,000 (Inactive) on November 28, 1984. Additional endorsements include $157,176,000 on 08/23/1995, $103,445,300 on 08/19/1999, $16,591,900 on 08/30/2000, $172,244,000 on 12/15/2004 and $145,101,147 on 09/22/2005.

The American Hospital Association, US News and World Report, and other organizations have recognized Montefiore Medical Center for excellence in quality, IT innovation, and management. In January 2006, Montefiore partnered with the Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, insuring that high quality health care would continue to be accessible to persons living in their Bronx, NY community.