2011 Lender Training Videos and Presentation Materials

Video Archives

Please click on the links below to view the archived webcast videos of the "2011 Lender Training: The Hospital Mortgage Insurance Application Process," held at HUD Headquarters on August 30-31, 2011.




DAY 1 - Click to view PDF (or right-click to download)

  • Overview of the FHA Section 242 Program
  • The Pre-Application Process
  • Mortgage Insurance Application Form (HUD Form 92013)
  • HUD's Determination of Need and the Applicant Data Request
  • The Application Process
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Issues
  • Key Elements of the Financial Feasibility Study
  • The Office of Risk Management
  • Demystifying the Previous Participation Clearance Process (2530s)

DAY 2 - Click to view PDF (or right-click to download)

  • Legal Requirements
  • Covenants and Closings
  • After-the-Deal-is-Done: The Construction Draw Process & Responsibilities
  • Asset Management Issues
  • Impacts of Health Reform