Revised Section 232 Healthcare Documents

On June 30, 2014, ORCF received approval from OMB for a three year extension on their entire Section 232 Healthcare document collection.  These documents are final and are available for use.  Read more about the announcement here.


Final 232 Forms for Firm Commitments

These documents MUST be submitted for any transactions receiving a firm commitment on or after July 12, 2013. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis with respect to master lease documents and accounts receivable financing documents.

Name /Version Date
HUD-2-ORCF Request for Waiver of Housing Directive 06/2014
HUD-2205A-ORCF Borrower’s Certificate of Actual Cost 06/2014
HUD-9001-ORCF 223a7 - Lender Narrative - Main 06/2014
HUD-9001a-ORCF 223a7 - Lender Narrative - Addenda - PCNA 06/2014
HUD-9001b-ORCF 223a7.223d.232i - Lender Narrative - Addendum – ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey 06/2014
HUD-9001c-ORCF 223a7 - Lender Narrative - Addendum - Environmental 06/2014
HUD-9001d-ORCF 223a7 - Lender Narrative - Addendum – Other Existing Eligible Indebtedness 06/2014
HUD-9001e-ORCF 223a7.223d.232i - Lender Narrative - Addendum - Principal of Borrower 06/2014
HUD-9001f-ORCF 223a7.223d.232i - Lender Narrative - Addendum - Operator 06/2014
HUD-9001g-ORCF 223a7.223d.232i - Lender Narrative - Addendum - Management Agent 06/2014
HUD-9001h-ORCF 223a7.223d.232i - Lender Narrative - Addendum - Transfer of Physical Assets 06/2014
HUD-9001i-ORCF 223a7.223d.232i - Lender Narrative - Addendum - AR Financing 06/2014
HUD-9002-ORCF 223f - Refinance 06/2014
HUD-9003-ORCF 241a - Supplemental Loan 06/2014
HUD-9004-ORCF New Construction - Single Stage 06/2014
HUD-9005-ORCF New Construction - 2 Stage Initial Submittal 06/2014
HUD-9005a-ORCF New Construction - 2 Stage Final Submittal 06/2014
HUD-9006-ORCF Substantial Rehabilitation - Single Stage 06/2014
HUD-9007-ORCF Substantial Rehabilitation - 2 Stage Initial Submittal 06/2014
HUD-9007a-ORCF Substantial Rehabilitation - 2 Stage Final Submittal 06/2014
HUD-9009-ORCF 232(i) - Fire Safety Equipment Installation, without Existing HUD Insured Mortgage 06/2014
HUD-90010-ORCF 232(i) -Fire Safety Equipment Installation, with Existing HUD Insured Mortgage 06/2014
HUD-90011-ORCF 223(d) - Operating Loss Loan 06/2014
HUD-90012-ORCF Lender Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90013-ORCF Borrower Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90014-ORCF Principal of the Borrower Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90015-ORCF Operator Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90016-ORCF Parent of Operator Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90017-ORCF Management Agent Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90018-ORCF Contractors Consolidated Certification 06/2014
HUD-90019-ORCF Auditor Certification 06/2014
HUD-90020-ORCF A/R Financing Certification 06/2014
HUD-90022-ORCF Certification for Electronic Submittal 06/2014
HUD-90024-ORCF Contact Sheet 06/2014
HUD-90030-ORCF  Lender Narrative, Capital Improvements - OPTIONAL 06/2014
HUD-91110-ORCF Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement of Operating Lease (SNDA) 06/2014
HUD-91111-ORCF Survey Instructions and Borrower’s Certification 06/2014
HUD-91112-ORCF Request of Overpayment of Firm Application Exam Fee 06/2014
HUD-91116-ORCF Addendum to Operating Lease 06/2014
HUD-91117-ORCF Operator Estoppel Certificate 06/2014
HUD-91118-ORCF Borrower’s Certification – Completion of Critical Repairs 06/2014
HUD-91119-ORCF Schedule of Facilities Owned Operated or Managed 06/2014
HUD-91123-ORCF Design Professional's Certification of Liability Insurance 06/2014
HUD-91124-ORCF Design Architect Certification 06/2014
HUD-91125-ORCF Staffing Schedule 06/2014
HUD-91126-ORCF Financial Statement Certification 06/2014
HUD-91127-ORCF Financial Statement Certification - General Contractor 06/2014
HUD-91128-ORCF Initial Operating Deficit Escrow Calculation Template 06/2014
HUD-91129-ORCF Lender Certification for New Construction Cost Certifications 06/2014
HUD-91130-ORCF Building Code Certification 06/2014
HUD-91708-ORCF Agreement for Payment of Real Property Taxes 06/2014
HUD-91710-ORCF Residual Receipts Note - Non Profit Mortgagor 06/2014
HUD-91725-ORCF Guide for Opinion of Borrower's Counsel 06/2014
HUD-91725CERT-ORCF Exhibit A to Opinion of Borrower's Counsel - Certification 06/2014
HUD-91725INST-ORCF Instructions to Guide for Opinion of Borrower’s and Operator’s Counsel 06/2014
HUD-92023-ORCF Request for Final Endorsement 06/2014
HUD-92070-ORCF Lease Addendum 06/2014
HUD-92071-ORCF  Management Agreement Addendum - OPTIONAL 06/2014
HUD-92117-ORCF Borrower Certification - Completion of Non-Critical Repairs 06/2014
HUD-92211-ORCF Master Lease Addendum 06/2014
HUD-92223-ORCF Surplus Cash Note 06/2014
HUD-92228-ORCF Model Form Bill of Sale and Assignment 06/2014
HUD-92264a-ORCF Maximum Insurable Loan Calculation 06/2014
HUD-92266-ORCF Application for Transfer of Physical Assets (TPA)
HUD-92266-ORCF   Application for Transfer of Physical Assets (and Lender Narrative) - OPTIONAL 06/2014
HUD-92266A-ORCF  Lender Narrative, Change of Operator/Lessee - OPTIONAL 06/2014
HUD-92266B-ORCF  Lender Narrative, Change of Management Agent - OPTIONAL 06/2014
HUD-92322-ORCF Intercreditor Agreement (for AR Financed Projects)
HUD-92323-ORCF Operator Security Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92325-ORCF Guide for Opinion of Operator's Counsel and Certification 06/2014
HUD-92331-ORCF Cross-Default Guaranty of Subtenants 06/2014
HUD-92333-ORCF Master Lease SNDA 06/2014
HUD-92335-ORCF Guide for Opinion of Master Tenant’s Counsel 06/2014
HUD-92337-ORCF Master Tenant Regulatory Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92339-ORCF Master Lease Estoppel Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92340-ORCF Master Tenant Security Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92408-ORCF HUD Amendment to B108 06/2014
HUD-92412-ORCF Working Capital Escrow 06/2014
HUD-92414-ORCF Latent Defects Escrow 06/2014
HUD-92415-ORCF Request for Permission to Commence Construction Prior to Initial Endorsement for Mortgage Insurance (Post-Commitment Early Start of Construction) 06/2014
HUD-92417-ORCF Personal Financial and Credit Statement 06/2014
HUD-92420-ORCF Subordination Agreement - Financing 06/2014
HUD-92434-ORCF Lender Certification 06/2014
HUD-92435-ORCF   Lender’s Certification, Insurance Coverage - OPTIONAL
HUD-92441-ORCF Building Loan Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92441a-ORCF Building Loan Agreement Supplemental 06/2014
HUD-92442-ORCF Construction Contract 06/2014
HUD-92450-ORCF Completion Assurance 06/2014
HUD-92452-ORCF Performance Bond - Dual Obligee 06/2014
HUD-92452A-ORCF Payment Bond 06/2014
HUD-92455-ORCF Request for Endorsement 06/2014
HUD-92456-ORCF Escrow Agreement for Incomplete Construction 06/2014
HUD-92464-ORCF Request Approval Advance of Escrow Funds 06/2014
HUD-92466-ORCF Borrower Regulatory Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92466A-ORCF Operator Regulatory Agreement 06/2014
HUD-92476-ORCF Escrow Agreement Noncritical Deferred Repairs 06/2014
HUD-92476B-ORCF Escrow Agreement for Operating Deficits 06/2014
HUD-92479-ORCF Offsite Bond - Dual Obligee 06/2014
HUD-9250-ORCF Funds Authorizations 06/2014
HUD-9250A-ORCF Borrower Certification and Request Detail 06/2014
HUD-92554-ORCF Supplementary Conditions of the Contract for Construction 06/2014
HUD-92576A-ORCF Certificate of Need for Health Facility 06/2014
HUD-93305-ORCF Agreement and Certification 06/2014
HUD-93332-ORCF Certification of Exigent Health & Safety (EH&S) Issues 06/2014
HUD-93333-ORCF Certification Physical Condition in Compliance 06/2014
HUD-93334-ORCF  Servicer’s Notification to HUD of Risks to Healthcare Project and Action Plan for Remedy - OPTIONAL
HUD-93335-ORCF  Operator’s Notification to HUD of Threats to Permits and Approvals - OPTIONAL
HUD-93479-ORCF Monthly Report for Establishing Net Income 06/2014
HUD-93480-ORCF Schedule of Disbursements 06/2014
HUD-93481-ORCF Schedule of Accounts Payable 06/2014
HUD-93486-ORCF Computation of Surplus Cash 06/2014
HUD-94000-ORCF Security Instrument/Mortgage/Deed of Trust 06/2014
HUD-94001-ORCF Healthcare Facility Note 06/2014
HUD-941-ORCF Lenders FHA Number Request Form 06/2014
HUD-9442-ORCF Memo for Post-Commitment Early Start of Construction Request 06/2014
HUD-9443-ORCF Minor Moveable Escrow 06/2014
HUD-9444-ORCF Cost Certification Supplement 06/2014
HUD-9445-ORCF Certification of Outstanding Obligations 06/2014
HUD-95379-ORCF HUD Representative's Trip Report 06/2014
HUD-9839-ORCF Management Certification—Residential Care Facility 06/2014