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About HUD

Who is the Secretary of HUD?

You can read the bio, see the picture, and find out more about the powers of the  Secretary of HUD right on our website.

I'm doing a school project on HUD. What can you tell me about the Department?

Answer: You can learn a lot about HUD in our "About HUD" section. You can read HUD's history, learn about our programs and organization, and see pictures of some of our staff.

I'm looking for a job. Does HUD have any jobs available?

Answer: We have general information about jobs at HUD on our website. You can find listings of HUD's jobs - as well as those available at other Federal agencies - at USA Jobs.

May I use the HUD logo on my website or business cards?

Answer: Please feel free to use any of the equal housing opportunity icons. HUD's official seal is used only by the Department.

How do I view/where do I find the webcasts

Answer: Check our schedule of webcasts. A link will appear at the top of that page approximately 1/2 hour before the broadcast begins, taking you to the video. Archived webcasts are usually available in the video library the day after their initial broadcast. HUD's webcasts are in a "streaming video" format. This means that the files can start playing on your computer as they download from our site. To view these files, you must have a computer capable of playing sound, a connection to the Internet that is at least 28.8Kbs, and the proper video player. Fortunately, we can link you to the free video player. We also have instructions for downloading and installing the software.

Why doesn’t your phone book/Locator work?

Answer: We've run into this problem a few times before, usually because our Locator is not on a standard web port. If you have someone who manages your internet connection, ask them if they allow web traffic on non-standard ports. Usually your IT folks have to open up a connection through your company's firewall for this specific port/address in order for locator to work.

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