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How does HUD help my community?

Answer: Your community gets HUD dollars through a variety of grants and programs. For specific information on how HUD funds are being used in your state, check out our "e-maps".

Can HUD help me get street lights?

Answer: Not directly. But HUD provides funds to local governments for a variety of improvements to communities. Contact your local government to find out how to request street lights for your neighborhood.

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to "give back" to my community?

Answer: Yes we do! There are many, many opportunities to volunteer to help your community available to you. Some are local organizations. Others are national organizations with local ties. We hope you'll find one that appeals to you and volunteer!

I live next door to a run-down slum. Is there anything HUD can do about it?

Answer: Your state and local government receive funds from HUD, under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, and one of the things they can do with these funds is remove slums and blight. Contact your state or local governments to start the process.

How does HUD regulate community/homeowner/condo associations?

Answer: Community/homeowner/condo associations are self-governing. These types of communities share amenities such as privately owned streets, pools, parking and utilities that do not demand the oversight of local authorities. To learn more

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