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HUD's Fair Housing Door Exhibit

"Opening Doors" Art Installation

V.L. Cox, a socially conscious artist from Arkansas, has been highly active in projects that involve human rights and equality. In 2015, she launched her National ā€œEnd Hateā€ Installation Series, an anti-discrimination series that was placed twice on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol, and then at the base of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Her series employs authentic and found objects that create a visceral presentation commenting on raw emotions and relevant human rights issues that continue to be important topics in the 21st century.


Opening Doors Art Exhibit

ā€œOpening Doorsā€ by V.L. Cox involves seven weathered monochrome wooden doors unhinged and freestanding each representing the seven protected classes covered by the Fair Housing Act:  race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and familial status. The installation will be on display at HUD from now until May 10, 2018.

close up of 3 doors View more images on HUD's flickr phototream