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Understanding our customers to improve our service


Adopting a Customer Point-of-View

HUD is embarking on a journey to become customer centric. We started by adopting a customer point-of-view in a review of our programs and services.



I need an affordable apartment. What are my choices?

Will and Kayla

Will and Kayla

We want to buy a house this year! What do we need to know?

Rachel, Anna and Layla

Rachel, Anna and Layla

We are worried about lead based paint. Who do we call?



I want to strengthen my community. How can HUD support my community?

Ed and Maya

Ed and Maya

We are worried we could be a target of housing discrimination. Can HUD protect us?



I believe in HUD’s mission and want to serve. How do I learn more about available HUD jobs?

What this means for HUD Customers and Communities

We intend to understand and better serve you – our customers


Our momentum will build as we take steps to serve you better by:

  • Furthering the agency’s knowledge and understanding of its customers,
  • elevating customer, employee and partner relationships,
  • enhancing HUD’s ability to deliver efficient and consistent service and
  • measuring all the factors that form the customer experience
Impact and Initiatives

HUD is embarking on a customer-centered modernization journey through a series of investments to help our customers. These initiatives support HUD’s strategic goals to advance economic opportunity, protect taxpayer funds, and streamline operations.

Many customer-focused initiatives are already underway and making an impact! Read about them below:

Becoming Customer Centric

Becoming Customer Centric

  • We are building new capabilities across contact center, cloud, data analytics, and customer experiences to help customers reach HUD and gain better access to our services. Read more.
  • We researched the experiences of seniors seeking affordable housing and identified areas where we can improve. Read more.
  • We have apps to help connect you to HUD! Read more.
  • Investing in FHA Modernization

    Investing in FHA Modernization

  • FHA is building a new, state-of-the-art technology system, transforming program participants’ interactions with FHA across a single, flexible technology platform. Stay Tuned.
  • Find a HUD-approved housing counselor by zip code. Search on our map, by zipcode or use our iphone app!
  • FHA Resource Center Bulletin Board. Read More.
  • Subscribe to FHA INFO Announcements to receive information about Mortgagee Letter issuance, procedure updates, and training & events via email. Read More.
  • Prioritizing Cybersecurity

    Introducing Robotics at HUD

  • We've led the charge in creating an RPA playbook. Working across 11 different agencies, the RPA playbook helps solve the challenge of scaling of emerging technologies and user adoption in the Federal Government. Read more.
  • We have saved thousands of manpower hours with Robotics Process Automation (RPA), increasing efficiency and improving our ability to deliver on our mission, services, and stewardship. Read more.
    Improving Physical Inspections

    Improving Physical Inspections

  • We’re working to make residents more aware of inspection standards and protocols via the NSPIRE Demonstration. Our goal is to improve inspection results and better identify substandard properties. Read more.
  • We launched an app called ExAM4 that updates and simplifies the physical inspection process for the Housing Choice Voucher program. The launch of the app resulted in an increase in the number of inspections to over 5,000 a month and a customer satisfaction rate of 84%. Read more.
  • Introducing Robotics at HUD

    Prioritizing Cybersecurity

  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer has increased the allocation of its IT budget to cybersecurity from 4% to 15% to keep our – and your—data safe.
  • HUD appointed a full-time Chief Information Security Officer, implemented a 24x7 Security Operation Center that enables better detection and response to cyber security events, and brought on additional dedicated resources focused on security so that we ensure customer data is safe.